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Music is regularly published on the Algera YouTube channel which you can follow here:

Fragment Retained for String Orchestra

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Twilight Quartet for 2 violoncelli and 2 contrabasses (2021)

Quartet for double bass, piano, clarinet and flute (2021)

Carousel for electronics (2021)

Central Park for clarinet, saxophone, trumpet and piano (2021)

Duet for violin and cello (2021)

Melody for solo cello (2020)

Low Brass Quintet for tenor trombone, bass trombone, euphonium, baritone and tuba (2020)



Algera studied composition in NYC with Daron Hagen and David Del Tredici. Received his M.A. in Music Composition from CCNY. Recipient of the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation grant, VCCA Residency, Fellowship by the Dodge Foundation grant, Goldfine Scholarship and John Worst Music Scholarship. Commissioned by the Hudson Symphony of New Jersey. Co-founded Tobenski-Algera concert series, a semi-regular classical concert program championing new music from contemporary composers (more info here).